Show "beauty and myth"

Sabato, 08 Marzo 2014 on Lunedì, 10 Marzo 2014. Posted in Florence art news

Palatina Gallery, Sala delle nicchie

Sala delle nicchie in Palatina Gallery, is home to the exhibition of six paintings, three of which are permanently display in the Green Room of Royal Apartments and the other three kept in the storage of Palatina Gallery and little known. The opportunity born from the presentation of recent restoration of five of them , financed with funds from Polo Museale fiorentino, where the protagonists are female figures. Jean-Marc Nattier Paris ( Paris 1685-1766 ) is the author of portraits of Enrichetta of France as Flora and Adelaide of France as Diana, King Louis XV and Maria Leszczyńska daughter, painted respectively in 1742 and in 1745 . The original paintings, preserved at Versailles , were replicated by the painter to be donated to Luisa Elisabetta, twin sister of Enrichetta. Antonio Bellucci ( Venice 1654-1726 ) is possible author of three extraordinary monochrome depicting Allegories: Giunone receives clothes from the hands of a young goddess, Diana and time, Aurora and Nettuno but most likely Venus and Bacchus.