"Pinocchio is not there" at Palazzo Davanzati

Domenica, 17 Novembre 2013 on Venerdì, 15 Novembre 2013. Posted in Florence art news

Palazzo Davanzati Museum

Palazzo Davanzati Museum, Sunday November 17th at 11:30 am, will present with the Theatre company LA COMPAGNIA DELLE SEGGIOLE "Pinocchio is not there", of Orvelio Scotti. Fun Radio adapted from the Carlo Lorenzini text. Edited by Sabrina Tinalli. Sound effects cared for and supervised by: Vanni Cassori. with : FABIO BARONTI LUCA CARTOCCI MASSIMO MANCONI LUCA MARRAS SABRINA TINALLI SILVIA VETTORI. You can tell a story without its main protagonist ? Although the protagonist is now famous for over a century ? Well ... yes ! This challenge has already been won by Orvelio Scotti almost thirty years ago, writing a comedy recounting the adventures of the most famous puppet in the world where the protagonist does not say a single word ! LA COMPAGNIA DELLE SEGGIOLE raises this challenge by telling the same story with a tool ... now familiar to us on: the radio ! Tool that allows us to entertain adults and ... this time ... even the kids! And then we start the history of our puppet ... ancient and ever new ! Good dream at all! With entrance fee, subject to availability available.